What is the Pynk Crowd?

The Pynk Crowd is anyone who takes actions that contribute to our 'Cloud Wisdom' system.

Whoa there! What the heck does that mean?

Simply put, if you make daily price predictions then you are a Pynk Crowd member.

Why should I join the Pynk Crowd?

Well that’s an easy one….by taking part in the Pynk Crowd you stand to earn Wisdom Points.
And what do points make? That’s right - your future claim to a share of Pynk profits.

How can I earn Wisdom Points?

You earn Wisdom Points for making price predictions in our BETA price prediction tool.

The key to success is being consistent. In fact, our algorithm is weighted to reward those that make daily predictions. And we reward accurate predictions with additional points. We can’t say fairer than that!

The best bit is it only takes a few minutes each day. So what are you waiting for?

Earn Points

What is the Pynk BETA tool?

The Pynk BETA tool is the place you go to make your first price predictions.

As the name suggests it’s an BETA product, Help us to improve it together!

Please bear with us while we build a much-improved Beta price prediction tool.


Start Earning Wisdom Points today

Suddenly got itchy feet? For those who can't wait no more, here is our Beta or Pynk Newsletter.

If you're really keen you can always do both. Good luck Pynksters!

Pynk reward you for signing up to their newsletter!

Our crowd members actually earn points when they engage with our newsletter.
And because we like an empty inbox as much as you do, we promise to not send you emails more than once a week.