• What fees does Pynk charge?

    That's easy. 0.12% per month of the money you invest, with absolutely no hidden costs.

  • How old do I have to be to invest my money?

    The minimum investment age is 18.

  • Which countries can I invest money from?

    Anywhere apart from the USA and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).

  • Is Pynk regulated?

    Yes, we umbrella under a FCA regulated UK company. The FCA is the financial regulatory body for the UK.

  • Are my investments ethical?

    Your investments are determined by Crowd Wisdom and so are more ethical than most. We also make regular checks to minimise monies into unethical investments.

  • Do ethical investments mean lower returns?

    No. It is well documented that ESG funds are now out performing non-ESG, and at Pynk we believe this trend will continue to accelerate.

  • What is an investor of time?

    Anyone that has signed up to Pynk and makes an active contribution to the collective, typically through making price predictions and long term forecasts.

  • How old do I have to be to invest my time?

    You can make price predictions at any age, but to swap your Wisdom Points for shares you must be 18+.

  • Which countries can I invest time from?

    Any country, but if you are from the USA or North Korea exchanging your Wisdom Points for shares is not currently available (WIP).

  • Where can I make Price Predictions?

    In the Price Prediction tool. This can be found here: beta.pynk.io

  • How to earn Wisdom Points?

    By making price predictions and long term forecasts. Wisdom Points are awarded for consistency and accuracy.

  • Exchanging Wisdom Points for Shares?

    WP exchange happens at the end of every quarter, at which point qualifying Pynksters can exchange their WP’s for shares in the Pynk trading vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS MANDATORY TO PASS KYC BEFOREHAND.

  • Who are the Pynk Crowd?

    Anyone that invests time by making price predictions or long term forecasts. It's the Crowd’s data that fuels the ‘Rose AI’ Crowd Wisdom system.

  • Who are Pynksters?

    Pynksters are the name for anyone in the Pynk Community.

  • Who make up the Pynk Community?

    Investors of money, investors of time, Team Pynk, volunteers, and more.


Let's face it, investing by yourself is hard. By working and learning together, Pynksters improve their chances of success.

There are a number of ways you can get started. Sign up to the investor waitlist, join the Crowd and submit your first prediction or make new friends in the Pynk community.