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The Pynk crowd are rewarded for researching blockchain projects that have the potential to change the world.

Pynk Crowd

What is Pynk?

Many investors are tired of their money being put into outdated, self-serving, harmful businesses. It's time for change. We listen to the Wisdom of our Crowd and Rose (our AI) to find opportunities that outperform the market AND do good for society at large.

And because our crowd members earn a share - Pynk is the first investment community that is built by the people, for the people.

The Problem

Not surprisingly, young people today feel as though their futures are being stolen from them by untrustworthy banks, politicians and businesses. Many are starting to realise that blockchain could be the answer - by returning financial power and trust to the crowd.



Popularised by Sir Francis Galton in the early 20th century, the wisdom of crowds is a well documented phenomenon.

Pynk is the investment first fund to leverage crowd prediction models and Rose (our AI) to identify high return investment opportunities that are fully aligned with the interests of our community.


Dual Token Model

PYNK Token Overview

  • Token Supply 22,222,222
  • Limited Supply Yes
  • Symbol PYNK
  • Token Type Security Token

CROWD Token Overview

  • Token Supply 1,111,111
  • Limited Supply Yes
  • Symbol CROWD
  • Token Type ERC20
Token Model
  • Available to investors
  • Crowd (Utility token allocation)
  • Team & Advisors

PYNK Tokens

When you invest your money with Pynk, you are buying part of or whole PYNK security tokens. Although currently only available to accredited investors through our forthcoming Security Token Offering (STO), we are working with regulators to make these available to everyday investors (2020).

CROWD Tokens

Our crowd members earn CROWD utility tokens in return for their research into blockchain projects and price predictions on digital assets and traditional financial markets. The more our crowd members participate the more they stand to earn. CROWD tokens are later exchangeable for PYNK security tokens.


For full detail on the Pynk project and our dual token model, please see our White Paper v1.0 (English only).


The Pynk community and fund will be implemented across several key stages. Please see a brief history and project timeline below.
Q1 2018

Project founded during Founders Institute Incubator programme London, Cohort 4) by CEO Seth Ward under the name The Crypto Crowd.

Q3 2018

Launch of Alpha tool and validation of crowd prediction model, makes 70%+ accurate predictions on digital asset markets. Rebrands to PYNK.

Q1 2019

Launch of PYNK Community and White Paper v1.0.

Q2 2019

Launch of Beta product will allow community members to research blockchain startups, make price predictions and be rewarded with CROWD utility token.

Q3 2019

Pynk's first Security Token Offering (STO) with a soft cap raise of $5m and hard cap $20m. Currently only available to accredited investors.

Q4 2019

Launch of property sub fund. In order to build a truly balanced and diversified portfolio we will create a tokenised property fund.

Q1 2020

Opening up PYNK security token investment to everyone; launch of everyday investor app.

Fund Investments

Thanks to our network within the blockchain community, we're able to secure early stage investments in the Web 3.0 companies of tomorrow. Please see below for more information on Pynk's initial investments.

Founding Team

Advisor & Non Execs

Investors & Partners


Want to learn more about all things crypto and blockchain? Checkout the #thenotanothercryptopodcast, brought to you by Pynk.
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