Invest Different. Invest Pynk.

People. Powered.

Pynk is here for everyone to invest in our future.

We’re powered by the people, so we can deliver profits,
freedom and security to the people.

Invest Different. Invest Pynk.


+ Prediction
+ Learning

Pynk is here for everyone to invest in our future.

We’re powered by the people, so we can deliver profits, freedom and security to the people.

It’s time to take back control.

What. Is.

Pynk is an investment fund for the people, by the people.

We will build a better world, together.

And we do this by investing in cutting-edge tech that drives positive change – together with the oldest and most incredible resource in the world – people power.

  • People-powered investment
  • Unrestricted access
  • Market-beating returns
  • Total security
  • Changing business

People. Powered.

Every investment decision we make is determined by YOU and the rest of the ‘PYNK Crowd’.

No longer do you hand your money over to ‘investment professionals’ who often fund destructive corporations in your name.

People who maximise short-term profit with no regard for the more important things in life.

Plus, we use ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ which has been proven to outperform the market.

And we’ve developed Rose, our AI investment analyst. She helps us to make sense of your votes so our fund managers can make even better decisions.


Other funds have an entry policy – “Elites Only”.

With $100k minimum investments. Inequality is baked-in.

Instead, we have a maximum investment.

With Pynk, everyone’s welcome.

But because we have a maximum investment amount, it prevents those with the biggest pockets having too much influence over what we do.

Plus, even if you don’t want to invest money, you can invest time – if you help us by evaluating investments, you can earn a cut of the fund’s profits.

And because we don’t have a minimum, it means ANYONE, ANYWHERE can win from the growth of Web 3.0

Market. Beating.

Wisdom of Crowds can outperform professional investors by 76%. Imagine what could happen when we add AI!

100 years ago, Francis Galton discovered the incredible power of the Wisdom of Crowds…

Using the guesswork of many different people combined, it’s possible to get incredibly accurate estimates of almost anything.

More recently, the USA’s IARPA institute, MIT and other leading universities have studied the impact on investing.

They discovered that when investments are made based on crowd predictions, the results are similarly astounding.

Fast forward to 2019 and we have AI, with one superpower – making faster, more powerful and accurate predictions than ever before.

So, for the first time ever, we’re applying AI to the predictions made by you, the PYNK Crowd.


Total. Security. Total. Simplicity.

Making investments can obviously be risky.

We fix this for you.

Firstly, almost everyone knows it’s important to diversify. And to store things securely –  across multiple locations.

But it’s really time consuming to do!

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading ‘custodian services’ to ensure your investments are stored safely, mostly offline where they can’t be hacked.

And as if that’s not enough, we bring you insurance, too.

Seriously – we’ve got your back.


Changing. Business. Changing. The. World.

This is BIG.

We’d all love to change the world, but doubt we have the clout to actually make change.

For the first time in history, we’re connecting the will of ordinary people with the financial sway of a global powershouse.

Now YOU can have a say in who succeeds. Unbridled free-market capitalism is imploding. It’s totally unsustainable. We need a new way of doing things. Blockchain is a big part of the answer. With it, we can ensure trust, clarity and accountability. We can create systems that automatically and unavoidably provide incentives for companies and the people in them to do more of the good stuff. And less of the bad. So, let’s do it!


Invitations will be sent in order of registration

We’re not launching fully until 2019.

But we’re inviting a select few in to our early trials.

In return for participating you’ll be rewarded with free shares in the PYNK Fund.