People Powered Investment

Our 'Crowd Wisdom' system combines our crowd, experts and A.I. to make smarter investment decisions.

Pynk Crowd

Because none of us are as smart as all of us.

Pynk is the world's first People Powered Investment platform. We listen to the Wisdom of our Crowd (WoC), overlay Rose (our proprietary A.I.) and combine with our in-house expert analysis to help make short and long term investment decisions that deliver market beating returns.

And because our crowd members earn a share - Pynk is the first investment community that is built by the people, for the people.

The Problem

Only 5% of everyday investors make a profit. Trading is extremely high risk and requires in depth research that most investors simply don’t have time for. Knowing what, when, and how to buy is problematic at best, and confusing at worst.


The Solution

Popularised by Sir Francis Galton in the early 20th century, the Wisdom of Crowds (WoC) is a well documented phenomenon.

Combining the estimates, predictions and opinions of many different people has repeatedly been proven to give more accurate results than a small selection of experts alone.


For More Information

For more detail on the Pynk project and our future vision, please see our Pynk Paper (English only).


The Pynk community and fund will be implemented across several key stages. Please see a brief history and project timeline below.
Q1 2018

Project Founded

Q3 2018

Alpha Tool (Price Predictions)

Q4 2018

Community Launch

Q1 2019

Proof of Concept Fund
(Private Investors)

Q2 2019

Beta Tool (Faster & Improved)

Q3 2019

Launch of Trading and
Investment funds

Q4 2020

Sub Funds (More Assets)

Investment Strategy

Liverpool Hope University

Long Term Investments

Thanks to our network within the community, we're able to secure early stage investments in the technology companies of tomorrow. Please see below for more information on Pynk's initial investments.

Founding Team

Advisor & Non Execs

Investors & Partners

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