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When good people work together, great things can happen.

Pynksters the world over provide insight into all types of investments.

This is called 'Wisdom of Crowds' and has been proven to predict the future better than any individual expert.

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By making financial forecasts in a risk free environment, Pynksters get better over time, becoming super-predictors, super-investors and super humans.

It's this process that fuels our AI 'Rose', which combined with our expert analysis allows us to make better investment decisions as a collective.

Because none of us are as smart as all of us.

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Welcome to the world's first 0% Fee Investment Manager.
Access to our Crowd Powered investment portfolio is FREE for active predictors.

By waiving fees we make compounding returns work harder for those who contribute to the 'Crowd Wisdom' system.

* Assumes £4,000 annual investment, 7% returns over 30 years.
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Award Winning and supported by major UK banking institutions.

23,830 Pynksters across 179 countries (and counting).

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We charge 0% fees to Active Predictors.

Simply make one price prediction per week to qualify.

Super-predictors earn additional returns on a quarterly basis.


Let's face it, investing by yourself is hard. By working and learning together, Pynksters improve their chances of success.

There are a number of ways you can get started. Sign up to the investor waitlist, join the Crowd and submit your first prediction or make new friends in the Pynk community.